Ela Pekalska

Ela Pekalska

Riverside Wellbeing
1 Market Street
Whaley Bridge
High Peak
SK23 7AA

High Peak


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Riverside Wellbeing
1 Market Street
Whaley Bridge
High Peak
SK23 7AA

High Peak


About me

A very warm welcome to your Radiant Core!

I am here to help you to get well physically, mentally and emotionally.

Wellness is real. It is a clear sign of being in the flow with life.
Pain, either physical or emotional, is real. It is a clear sign of stagnation.
The lack of oxygen. The lack of blood and lymph flow. The lack of energy.

Chinese medicine recognises how energy is trapped and discriminates between the organs to find out which ones are contributing to the issue. Once the cause of disturbance is understood, a treatment to restore wellness (medicinal massage, acupressure, acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, soft tissue
therapy, singing bowl massage) can be applied effectively.

This is what my goal is. To understand the issue and help from inside out. The real healing occurs because of the process which consolidates the therapy with a deep relaxation on the level of Body and Mind.

Wellness is not a state of perfect health, but a state of an internal harmony which is being created in every moment.

It originates from a strong and balanced Core. Of You.

Welcome to your Radiant Core!


Come and experience the benefits of the Tui Na, Cupping, Gua sha, Acupuncture (Acupressure for small kids) and Singing Bowl Massage therapies for:

  • pain release,
  • getting back to the flow,
  • the quality sleep,
  • overcoming persistent tension, blockage or injury,
  • encouraging fertility,
  • boosting the immune system,
  • improving general health,
  • and calming the mind.

The treatments are supportive and can be applied individually or alongside other therapies from infancy to an old age.

Treatments can be used to remove stagnation from the body, ease pain, correct specific health issues, help you re-balance or manage your way through a difficult period, or simply to maintain your existing good health.

Training, qualifications & experience

This has been a new path in my life for the last couple of years. I was an academic / scientist in pattern recognition (a sub-field of computer science) before, which I enjoyed dearly. The arrival of three beautiful kids created an unpredictable chain of events in m life in which the vision of life with sweet little babies proved to be untrue.

Their health challenges questioned everything I imagined on how to be a mother. In my quest to help them, I was passionately studying and testing numerous healing modalities and complementary approaches. I found a few promising directions which I decided to learn professionally. These include therapies from the Asian/Chinese medicine, such as Tui Na (medical massage), cupping, gua sha, acupressure, and acupuncture, as well as food therapy.

I am fully qualified Tui Na practitioner, which means I use therapeutic medicinal massage, cupping, gua sha and heat therapy in my treatments. As I learnt pediatric massage, I can offer it for babies and young children, to help resolve health issues such as colic, restlessness, constipation as well as encourage growth, support with overcoming learning difficulties and so on.

Each massage or therapy is tailored to your personal needs. The massage may be vigorous and stimulating, or gentle and supportive, instead.

I also hold diplomas in Classical  (Swedish) Massage and Singing Bowl Massage.

I am currently pursuing a diploma in the Chinese acupuncture at Shulan College and I did a training in Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture. Soon, I will be offering Abdominal Acupuncture.

In addition, I trained as a life coach.

Therapies offered

Other available therapies

Tui Na. Medical massage. Pediatric massage. Acupressure. Singing bowl massage. Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture. Cupping. Moxibustion. Gua sha.


Tui Na, Cupping, Gua sha, Acupressure massage:
First consultation is £40,  up to 1.5h appointment.
Follow-up consultation is £35, up to 1h appointment.
Babies and children pay £5 less.

Further information

What to expect at the treatment?

During your appointment I will ask you questions about your general health, medical history and lifestyle. I may look at your tongue and complexion and take your pulse on the wrists, as well. There is plenty of time for you to ask questions if you like.

Based on my findings we will discuss and agree the most appropriate treatment for you. Each treatment is tailored to your specific needs and may include Tui Na (medical massage), acupressure taping, foot massage, cupping, cupping massage or singing bowl massage. Acupuncture will come as an option as well in the beginning of 2017.


Singing Bowl massage: You will stay in your clothes and lie down on a massage table. The singing bowl will be place on some parts of your body and your body will absorb the vibration from the bowl.

Cupping/Gua sha: You will be asked to remove some of the clothes to allow the cups (or gua sha tools) to be applied on your skin. A massage oil may be rubbed into the skin to facilitate movement of the cup.

Tui na/Acupressure massage: You will stay in your clothes and either lie down on a massage table or be seated, depending on the treatment. Then you will be covered with a cotton sheet which facilitates the smoothness of the techniques used.

It is necessary to come in soft, loose clothing as otherwise the applied techniques will loose their practicability and assisted stretching may become impossible. If this is so, you may not be able to take all the benefits from the treatment.



Back pain, neck pain, tension release and stress release

"After having ignored my upper and low back pain for a long time, I reached the point when the pain became unbearable. I developed tendon pains and neck pains as well. Luckily, I’ve found Ela and she was able to ease my pain. After the massage and heat lamp therapy, my long time pain was gone for good. I immediately felt lighter and happier. I see Ela regularly to keep myself well and to release the tension built up by stress."


Excessive fatigue

“I went to see Ela with various symptoms including excessive fatigue and feeling generally unwell. I’ve been this way for the last 27 years and have visited doctors who have all drawn blank and made me feel that the symptoms are all in my head.

Meeting Ela has been a life changing experience for me (even family and friends have noticed) as for the first time somebody understood my symptoms and need to solve these issues to be able to live better. Ela spoke about various dietary options and supplements which do seem making a difference, and I also had the Chinese massage to help to re-balance my system which definitely seems to help me.

It has been so nice to meet somebody willing to listen to me, believe in my symptoms and then help to remove them from my life. I will definitely continue to visit Ela as and when I need to, and would
recommend anybody giving this approach a try as it really can make a difference.”


Chest pain and re-balance of Body and Mind

I was recommended to see Ela by a friend for a chest pain I was experiencing. After the Tuina massage I instantly felt more open and positive almost like there was also an emotional release. My chest pain has gone and the whole experience was lovely. Ela was kind yet professional and intuitively knew what to do with my body after me explaining my symptoms. I would recommend anyone suffering with aches pains, discomfort or feeling emotionally stuck to go and visit her.


Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

Maps & Directions

High Peak, SK23 7AA
High Peak, SK23

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None
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