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Dr Alexandra Carneiro De Melo

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Warwick Pharmacy Clinic
36 Warwick Way

15 Links Road
W3 0ER

07490 355566

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Warwick Pharmacy Clinic
36 Warwick Way

15 Links Road
W3 0ER

07490 355566

About me

Practicing Classical Homeopath and Doctor of Microbiology. In efforts to make the practice more approachable, simple and practical, recently started this Internet based service. Through e-mail and Skype this web-based homeopathic practice that provides holistic medical care to children and adults.

Originally from Portugal, my husband and I, have raised two children living between Greece and the UK. Now practicing from London.

My love for science, as well as my interest in health, never diminished, and studied with the British Institute of Homeopathy, International from 2004 to 2009 to become a fully trained homeopath. As a fully trained homeopath I offer both online and office consultations.

Living in Greece, I became inevitably involved with the teachings of George Vithoulkas, attending for three consecutive years extensive seminars at the renowned International Academy of Classical Homeopathy on the Island of Alonisos.

Training, qualifications & experience

1989 BSc in Food Engineering - Porto University, Portugal (High Class Honors).

1991 MSc in Food Microbiology - Reading University, UK.

1997 PhD in Microbiology - King's College, London.

2000 Completed three years of post-doctoral research at King’s and Imperial Colleges in London.

2005 2009 Studied with the British Institute of Homeopathy, International to become a fully trained homeopath DIHom (Pract), FBIH, RSHom.

Professional Accreditations

BSc – Bachelor of Science in Food Engineering

MSc – Master of Science in Food Microbiology

PhD – Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Micrbiology

DIHom(Pract) – Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine, Practitioner Level British Institute of homeopathy

FBIH - Fellow of British Institute of Homeopathy. Fellowship for Life with the British Institute of Homeopathy (having met the standards of excellence and demonstrated a commitment to the healing art of homeopathic medicine required by the Council, was worthy to receive the distinction of the title Fellow with all rights, honours and privileges pertaining thereto).

RSHom – Register member of The Society of Homeopaths


Samuel Hahnemann Award

2007 In recognition of exceptionally high performance during my studies, presented by William Tankard - Hahnemann "Patron of the British Institute of Homeopathy"

Horse Riding - BHS (British Horse Society) Level 1 and Level 2

Member organisations

Society of Homeopaths

Accredited register membership

Therapies offered

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  • Homeopathy: Just Good medicine


Homeopathic Consultation Fees

Initial Consultation Costs £80 and can last up to two hours.

Different aspects of your life will be discussed in detail. Be prepared to afford the time needed as well as be relaxed, focused and willing to talk about yourself.

Follow-up Appointment

Costs £50 and can last up to one hour.

During this session, preferably at a pre-planned interval from initial treatment, the effects of your treatment are assessed and adapted accordingly.

Telephone calls, Skype calls, E-mails In between frequent and/or regular appointments, brief discussions regarding your treatment are free of charge.

For phone, Skype and/or e-mail consultations addressing new issues and or involving prolonged discussion and/or exchange, standard follow-up fees apply.

Further information


Patent by MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) Bacterial Decontamination of Foods (N: 9526174.9)

A new procedure to treat food products was designed using a bacteriocin called nisin. Nisin is a natural substance with antibiotic like properties, produced by Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis and approved for food use. Nisin is generally effective against most Gram-positive bacteria, but not so against most Gram-negative cells. However, it proved effective in the cases of Campylobacter, Salmonella and Pseudomonas species, economically significant food poisoning organisms of foods such as meat, fish and poultry. The new natural developed procedure increased the access of nisin to the cytoplasmic membrane of bacteria, especially Gram-negative, thus promoting cell death.

International Journals

Carneiro de Melo, A. M. S., Cook, G. M., Miles, R. J., Poole, R. K. (1996) Nisin Stimulates Oxygen Consumption by Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Vol 62. No5., pp. 1831-1834.

Callaway, T. R., Carneiro de Melo, A. M. S., Russel, J. B. (1997). The Effect of Nisin and Monensin on Ruminal Fermentations in vitro. Curr. Microbiol. Vol 35. No 2, pp. 90-95.

Carneiro de Melo, A. M. S., Cassar, C. A., Miles, R. J. (1998). Trisodium Phosphate Increases Sensitivity of Gram-Negative Bacteria to Lysozyme and Nisin. Journal of Food Protection. Vol 7. pp. 839-843.

Carneiro de Melo, A. M.S., (2013). Homeopathy a Science and an Art. Hypathy.com. Feb, 2013. Hpathy.com is the world's leading homeopathy portal. Online since 2001 | Community Powered Thousands of articles | 800+ Authors Publisher of Homeopathy 4 Everyone – world's most popular professional homeopathy publication. 48000+ subscribers | 6000+ Professional Network Members Half a Million+ visitors every month

Please click on the link bellow. http://hpathy.com/homeopathy-papers/homeopathy-a-science-and-an-art/

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

Maps & Directions

London, SW1V 1RY
London, W3 0ER

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: Portuguese, Greek


Consultations Weekdays: 9 am - 4 pm Saturday: 10 am - 3 pm

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