Homeopathic remedies for insomnia

If you are sick of sleepless nights and constant fatigue then try some homeopathic natural remedies which could help you to achieve a good nights shut eye:

If a lack of confidence and self doubt in your own abilities is causing you to loose sleep then this is the remedy for you. Lycopodium is also said to be effective for anyone who frequently experiences uncomfortable digestive troubles throughout the night which prevent them from sleeping (this also includes ravenous hunger pains which cause a person to wake).

Silicea is great for very nervous individuals who seem to tire very easily yet are unable to sleep. This person may be able to drift off to sleep at first but will then wake suddenly and find it hard to fall asleep again. This is also a good remedy for people who have anxious dreams.

Nux vomica
If you have difficulty sleeping after over indulging on heavy food and fizzy drinks, or if you have overexerted yourself either physically or mentally then you may benefit from this remedy.
Others who may find this remedy helpful are light sleepers who tend to wake up in the very early hours and lie awake for hours. Upon getting up this person will be very tense, impatient and irritable, feeling as though they have not had a sufficient amount of sleep.

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